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My Reason for Posting Everything I can Think of!

My family says, “Mom, are you going to post that?” My response 99.9% of the time is, “hell yeah I am!” My reason for sharing all the craziness and milestones of my family, (that I am so incredibly proud of) is not to boast or brag, but it is to leave my voice and thoughts when I am long gone from this earthly existence. It is my life journal for my kids, their kids and their kids and so on.

There is no denying the downside to social media. It has forever altered the human interaction of our daily lives. Our ignorance has been amplified to an extent. We tend to believe that everything that is shared and read is the golden truth.  We have learned to hide behind an avatar with all talk and no action. We have separated ourselves from living an individual and unique life and have denied ourselves the experience of all human emotions in its truest form.

With every con there is a pro and I tend to look towards all the pros that come with social media. Thru various means of social media I have reconnected with a piece of my past with family and friends. It is like there was no gap of years since the last line of communication (which was probably thru a landline or snail mail). Social Media has also allowed our voices to be globalized. We may think we are sharing with a few connections but once that share button is hit, you have touched the world. What seems like a silly video of your cute kid or family animal shared with your small circle has now become an internet sensation with thousands of shares and millions of views. And just like that you have become internet famous. For me this is a platform to share my optimism. This is an opportunity for me to have a voice for humanity, to fight for the causes that should mean the most to any descent human being- freedom, equality, education- plain and simple, having a voice for all humanitarian causes.

Since I can remember I have always attempted to keep a journal of daily activities or daily prayers and thanks. I start off real good and keep it going for a month or two and then silence for 4 months and then back to the paper and pen and the vicious cycle repeats itself. I have a plethora of notebooks, journals, scratch paper, etc with no rhyme or reason with sporadic dates. Once I discovered social media the light clicked and here it was right in front of me, “this is going to be my life journal for my family,  I will forever live on for generations to come” So it began, I posted every daily picture, thought or quote that pertained to my life. I shared the milestones of my family. I shared every random off the wall conversation that brought tears to my eyes. Not just to share with others but for my voice to be heard years from now. For my kids to reflect back on the good memories. The funny thing is that my kids cringe when I take a picture, “mom are you going to post that?” or for some reason they believe I have a favorite kid???? Just to set the record straight I have 3 favorites!! Hopefully they will see that I am not doing this to embarrass them but rather to capture that moment in time that will live on forever.